Emmanuelli Films

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Baby Crazy

Genre: Horror Comedy

What could be scarier than having a baby?

Duration: 00:01:00

Direction: Joserro Emmanuelli & Joseph Santaella Vidal

Cómo fue - Tuna Bardos UPR

Music Video

Directed and edited by: Mariana M. Emmanuelli
Cinematography: Javier Enrique Delgado
Assistant Director: Manuel Hernández

Interpreted by: Tuna Bardos de la Universidad de Puerto Rico

Autor: Ernesto Duarte
Choral Arrangement: Rafael D. Martínez Ortiz
Instrumental Arrangement: Vicente E. Rodríguez

La .44

Music Video

Musician: PJ Sin Suela

Directed by: Mariana M. Emmanuelli

Producer: Marina Molina
Cinematography: Robert Peña
Assistant Director: Joserro Emmanuelli

Actor: Gerardo Santiago Danner

Editing: Javier Colón Ríos



Genre: Drama

A young man tries to wake up from a deep dream.

Duration: 00:02:55

Written and directed by: Joserro and Mariana M. Emmanuelli

Actor: Jesse Fox

Editing: Tom Chidlow 

Original Music by: Stefan Gandhi

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Jurakán: Puerto Rico Documentary

Directed and edited by: Gonzalo Maza Scarazzini

Produced by: Mariana M. Emmanuelli and Rosa Emmanuelli Gutiérrez


In times when the Puerto Rican identity is being confronted by new challenges and while the dilemma of the political status continues dividing us, this cinematographic film will work as a tool to understand what it means to be Puerto Rican and where we are heading to as a nation. 

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