Other projects

The Shortfilm


Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Two college film students discuss the possibilities of creating a high production values short on a low budget.


Writer and director:                                      

Producer: Mariana M. Emmanuelli

Director of photography:                            

1st Assistant Director: Mariangeliz Torres


This short film is in its post-production stage and awaiting its premiere during the next few months.

Baby Crazy

Genre: Horror comedy

Synopsis: What could be scarier than having a baby?

Duration: 00:01:00


A one minute-long short, written and directed by Joserro Emmanuelli and Joseph Santaella Vidal, awaiting its premiere..


At the moment it has been submitted to the 2016-2017 festivals circuit.


LoQuito 2015

Documentary of the participation of                                               at the 2nd Latin-American Bike Polo Tournament, celebrated at Quito, Ecuador, on October 2015.


Cinematographer and editor: Mariana M. Emmanuelli


This shortfilm is in its post-production stage and awaiting its premiere during the next few months..


Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A young man tries to wake up from a deep dream.

Duration: 00:02:55


Writers and directors: Joserro and Mariana M. Emmanuelli



Music by: Stefan Gandhi


Short filmed in 2011 at the


I luv you

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Do imperfections really matter? In an everyday conversation two college best friends put to test the limits of love.


Writer and director: Mariana M. Emmanuelli

Director of photography: Lymarie Rodríguez

Production Assistant: Manuel Hernández

Cast: Marina Molina and Desirée González


This short film is in its post-production stage and awaiting its premiere during the next few months.

Jurakán: Documentary Puerto Rico

Director and editor: Gonzalo Maza Scarazzini

Producers: Mariana M. Emmanuelli and Rosa Emmanuelli Gutiérrez


In times when the Puerto Rican identity is being confronted by new challenges and while the dilemma of the political status continues dividing us, this cinematographic film will work as a tool to understand what it means to be Puerto Rican and where we are heading to as a nation.


This full-length film is Mariana M. Emmanuelli's first film production as a producer with the documentary genre. This project is in its post-production stage at the City of Mexico and awaiting its premiere by the end of 2016.

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Director and editor: Mariana M. Emmanuelli
Director of Photography: 
Assistant Director: Manuel Hernández

Interpreted by:                         de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Author: Ernesto Duarte
Coral Arrangement: Rafael D. Martínez Ortiz
Instrumental Arrangement: Vicente E. Rodríguez





is the second music video directed by Mariana M. Emmanuelli with the motive of Valentine's Day. A production of the University of Puerto Rico's Tuna Bardos. This production was reviewed by El Nuevo Dia after its premiere on February 13th, 2016.


Cómo fue - Tuna Bardos UPR

Director: Mariana M. Emmanuelli

Producer: Marina Molina
Director of Fotography: Robert Peña
Assistant Director: Joserro Emmanuelli

Actor: Gerardo Santiago Danner






is the first music video directed by Mariana M. Emmanuelli.

It premiered on November 21st, 2014.


PJ Sin Suela - La .44